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The goal of this website is to provide a good mobile friendly template. The websites main message can be displayed directly on first screen with this template. A visitor on a small mobile device can quickly see if it is what they are looking for or not.

My main occupation is in the mechanical industry with CAD and I have an interest in design and web development. I have used the Quick 'n Easy Web Builder program since release 1. I'm based in Sweden.

Possible Applications

These templates can be used for small local businesses where they want a mobile optimized page and the content rarely change. Perhaps they are busy in their day to day operations of the store or have limited resources. See references below for businesses using the MWD templates.


For comments and questions see the discussion boards for the program used. Direct link to the discussions, Quick 'n Easy Web Builder discussions


The program used for the templates is Quick 'n Easy Web Builder (for Mac/Linux/Windows)

Configuring Templates

After installing the program and the template in the template folder, select "New Web Site from Template". Change the content text, logo text and footer. In page properties change title, meta tags: add description and categories. In the contact form change email. The website is now ready to be published!


Websites using these templates

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