Having an interest in web design and design in general I have put together a collection of free templates for the easy-to-use QnEWB program. The goal is simple websites everone can use and maintain. See About Us for info »

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder 4

The new 4 brings layout grids, responsive styles and much more.

Responsive Web Design

All templates are RWD.

Layout Grids

This is an easy way to create a flexible layout.

Templates Gallery

See the slideshow here, smartphone view is shown.

QnEWB 4 Template - MobileWebDesign.se

QnEWB 4 Template

Layout Grids are used in this template. The design is also used for the main pages in this website. See v4 templates for more »
Simple Modern Template - MobileWebDesign.se

QnEWB 4 Template 2

A darker version of the Layout Grids template. See V4 templates for more »
Basic Blue Template - MobileWebDesign.se

Simple Modern

This is a popular QnEWB 3 template. See v3 templates for more »
MWD Templates - MobileWebDesign.se

MWD Themes

A series of fast loading templates, single page layout. No javascript is used. See v3 templates for more »

QnEWB Workspace - MobileWebDesign.se
QnEWB Workspace II - MobileWebDesign.se
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